ST 20080503: 3 abused cats dead at Pasir Ris St 21

From Dawn’s blog:

Sunday, May 4, 2008

ST ( 4-5-08 )

Thanks to the number of you who sent this in – it seems more cats have been abused in Pasir Ris. The story isn’t exactly clear on what happened so it’ll be informative to see what the postmortem turns up.

An email has been going around asking to help find the culprit, and it’s good so many people are affected. The sad reality is that it’s going to be difficult – chances are that even if anyone saw anything they’re not likely to come forward. Also one thing to bear in mind is that there will be a lot of people who claim they DID see something – but aren’t going to want to go the police, which isn’t much help. Hearsay evidence, as we know, isn’t going to stand up in court – mostly because it usually isn’t very reliable.

This case was preceeded by this one in nearby Simei. A friend asked SPCA if they’ve done up the flyer appealing for witnesses, as she would like to assist with flyering the area. SPCA replied with a pdf file that contained the appeals for another 4 cat abuse cases: spcaappeal.

As is well known, animal abuse is not uncommon in Singapore. The thrice arrested (but only twice convicted) Bedok kitten basher David Hooi and serial cat killer of Old Airport Road, Wong Geng Thong (who only got 2 months and admitted only to killing the cat he was caught torturing on video) are the poster boys for abusers – that they were able to keep killing cats with impunity is not the shocker. The shocker is that they were able to continue for so long without anyone stopping them is the shocking embarrassment on the Singaporean psyche: to see no evil where thy neighbours are concerned. That our judiciary punish litter-bugs with heavier penalties and view cigarette smoking as more serious crimes doesn’t help the situation at all.

The article itself:

May 3, 2008

The bodies of the three cats have been sent to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority for a post-mortem. — PHOTO: SPCA

THREE cats died after suffering abuse at block 253 Pasir Ris St 21 on Friday night.The SPCA was alerted to the incident by a member of the public who said the cat and its two kittens may have been coated with thinner or acid. One of the kittens was reported to have died.

When the SPCA arrived, both kittens have died and ‘blood could be seen at the mouth and noses’, the SPCA said on Saturday.

‘A broken bottle labelled ‘thinner’ was found nearby but there was no smell evident on the cats although their fur was wet,’ the SPCA said.

The adult cat was brought to a veterinarian and eventually put down ‘due to her extremely distressed state’.

The bodies of the three cats have been sent to the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority for a post-mortem.

The SPCA is appealing for witnesses and is offering a $1,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of the abuser.

Anyone with information should call the SPCA at 62875355, extension 9.

The police are also investigating.


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  2. i am so happy when i see cats slaughtered