SOS: Help put the nail in Canadian Seal Killing

Early this year, I had asked you to Help the seals – just 1 min of your time. Help is still needed, and this time, it seems there is hope of finally stopping this barbaric and senseless slaughter for good.

Please read this care2 message and take action. Or if you’re so inclined, follow the SeaShepherd’s guidelines and suggestions and write a letter. (It is also a great quickie cheatsheet for boning up on the situation now.)

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Dear friend,

Global pressure on the seal hunting industry is working! Even while the Canadian government futilely attempts to convince the world that the hunt is humane, the European Union moves steadily towards banning imports of all seal products.

EU Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas said that he “intends to come forward with legislation which bans the importation and sale of products derived from seals that had been… inhumanely killed.” This threat has helped force the price of seal pelts down to half of what they were a year ago.

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The Canadian government already spends millions and millions of dollars to subsidize the seal hunt, and in the process the country’s reputation continues to deteriorate. It’s time that they realize that the seal hunt is inhumane, unsustainable in the face of global warming, and economically a burden. The Canadian government would be better off investing in eco-tourism than trying to preserve the slaughter of seals.

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Thanks for taking action!

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In addition, here are some article excerpts from the seashepherd site which you may find interesting and educational:

From “May Day” for the Seal Slaughter on May Day:

it’s a crime in Canada to witness, film or photograph the killing of a seal. Specifically it’s a violation of the “seal protection regulations.” Go figure, eh.

From Adventures in the Bizarre World of Canadian Politics:

In a world where his Holiness the Dalai Lama is described as a terrorist leader by a world power like China, it is hardly an insult to be called a terrorist by some backwoods robber baron of a premier in Newfoundland.

I don’t really know where “tofu eating terrorists” are placed on the spectrum of terrorism but there seems to be a vast chasm between the action of video-taping the slaughter of a seal and flying a passenger jet into a civilian building.

The days when the uneducated “the world owes us a living crowd”, can continue to plunder the oceans is almost over. Their awesome greed has already diminished the oceans of fish, marine mammals, sea-birds and even invertebrates and still the slaughter continues as they move on to lesser valued species after trashing the more valuable.

Columnist Jim Leger actually suggested that the only reason the seal slaughter continues is because the government refuses to give into me and that I am the reason the seals are dying. Now there’s an off the wall, over the top perspective! Jimmy boy admits that there is no other reason to support the hunt other than to oppose me. In other words, the Canadian government is spending 24 million dollars a year supporting a 6 million dollar industry just so they can say I did not whoop their ass.

From What the Phoque?:

The last time I was in the Magdalen Islands back in 1995, the sealers all got drunk and mustered up the courage to attack my crew and I in our hotel in the town of Grindstone…

… I barely escaped with my life that day so it should not be surprising that I hold little respect or sympathy for the cowards that assaulted me…

Martin Sheen, my crew and I, had gone to the Magdalen Islands to present an alternative to killing seals. We had found a company in Germany that would buy naturally molted seal hairs. These transparent hollow follicles have the same characteristics as eider feathers and it could be an industry that could provide a product from an animal without the need to injure or kill the seals. In other words a cruelty free, non-lethal form of sealing. We had already discovered that the seals actually enjoyed the brushing off of their molted hairs. We had come to the islands to employ sealers and not to oppose them.

The sealers responded by having a meeting, getting drunk and then attacking our hotel and assaulting us. Their ringleader said that they wanted nothing to do “with a faggoty idea like brushing seals. Seal were meant to be clubbed not coddled.”

One sealer said that it was not just about the money. “It’s our one opportunity every year to get away from the old lady and the kids, have some beers with the boys and kill seals. It’s our way of life and we loves it.”

Yep, nice guys.

How many Phoque You Paul Watson Tee shirts would they need to sell to bring in the amount of money they would make from killing seals?

The Magdalen Island share of the overall seal quota was 15,000. At $32 per pelt that would bring in about $500,000 but after costs are factored in like fuel and vessel operations that amount is cut in half to about $250,000.

Of course the government subsidies and icebreaker services surpassed a million dollars for the Magdalens alone this year and the search for the missing sealer cost another three million but hey never mind, that’s taxpayer money from people with real jobs.

But considering they did not take even half their quota this year, the profit for the sealers was about $100 each if they were lucky. They did not even make enough money to cover the funeral costs for the lost sealers although they did drape the coffins in seal pelts which seemed quaintly primitive.

Two hundred thousand Phoque You Paul Watson T shirts at $25 could bring in $500,000 without fuel costs or being a burden to the tax-payer.

All anti seal-killing campaign articles on the seashepherd site.



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