The perpetuity of ignorance and intolerance

Complainants strike again.

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Yesterday 2 letters appeared in mypaper. Details on the Unoffical Cat Welfare Society Diary. It’s the same gamut of typical calls/justifications to “solve the problem”:

  • Fear of cats spreading disease to children
  • I don’t hate cats but they shouldn’t appear in my field of vision
  • Feeders are irreponsible, causing messes, so instead of fining them, remove the cats who could not have cleaned up the mess, as Dawn said.

Rather than re-rant, I ask that you check out the CWS diary as I agree with the blog writer, Sarah, who deciphered and commented on both letters. I would add that it is rather surprising at both letter writers’ claims that they have been given the pinball treatment by AVA and Town Councils, which is rather more likely, and all too common, for caregivers, or even hackjobbers at their beck adn call, and whim and fancy.

One of the whinge letters has been reprinted in asiaone, and it is rather unfortunate and, imo, bad taste on the publishers’ part to display one of the pictures originally accompanying the recent NTU Cat Cafe Society article.

Incidentally, 3 letters rebutting these 2 letters were printed today. glad to see new and different names speaking up.

Such complaints are not the first, and they’re definitely not the last we’ll hear of it. Take for example the tasteless goings-on on a morning radio show that seemed to have started this latest round. Ignorance and intolerance still run rampant in cyberlongkang, as evidenced here and here (which were quite amusing in their exasperating blinkeredness).

Singaporeans need to sit down and take a good long think: Why the difference in acceptance level in how our cats are killed?


3 responses to “The perpetuity of ignorance and intolerance

  1. What is more worrying is not the dislike of cats but more of the whole mindset of a nation….. Sad to say, we are becoming a selfish nation of people that cares only for one self and nothing else.

    1) Don’t damage my car or let me think you damaged my car if not I will kill you…
    2) Don’t let me see any thing dirty in the streets if not I will complain and complain but while at it, I have no qualms littering once I cross the causeway to Malaysia. Or leaving my rubbish at cinemas, at shows, etc.. after all I am not littering as there are cleaners paid to clean up after me.
    3) Don’t let me see any animal as they all bring disease and might make me sick… so please cull, monkeys, dogs, cats and also birds as the birds irritate me by their cries.

    With these kind of thoughts….. I really wonder what kind of citizens are we going to have and what kind of a nation are we. It is indeed strange that each time there is some major well published news of some tragedy be it a china young girl being murdered or the China earthquake and Myanmar Cyclone, everyone rushes to donate…. but yet they don’t give a care about local issues… makes one wonder are they donating to show that they are doing charity or they really mean it.

  2. Adriane,
    I nkow what you mean… it’s the same mentality found in good karma feeders.

  3. Thanks for the pointers re other blog options.

    Hope you and your cats are all doing well!