Recycled Pets

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Recycled pets

By Green Living Tips | Published 05/18/2008 | pets

Looking for an animal companion? Consider a recycled pet

Recycling pets doesn’t mean turning your cat into a bird or your dog into a ferret, but it is a wonderful green way to approach the acquisition of your next animal companion. Environmental issues aside, it’s also a very humane choice.

The tragedy

My first “job” was as a volunteer at an animal shelter at the age of 11. At that time, I had my heart set on becoming a vet. Such was my passion and commitment, aside from the usual walking and cleaning duties of a volunteer, the staff at the shelter allowed me to participate in cruelty callouts, minor operations and the destruction and disposal of animals. I got to see it all and participate in much of it – the good, the bad and the horrid. Even at that age I understood that being a vet wasn’t going to be easy and I really wanted to be prepared.

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  1. I really hope dont hate dogs. I love both dogs and cats and I have them in a very safe coexistence. As a matter af fact ëven if there bodily languages are different they are real friends!