Here’s looking at you, babe

If you read the papers, you might be aware of several minor storms that have brewed and blown over the issue of stray cats, cats vs dogs, and humans who want cats (and dogs) out of this civilised plane of existence we call Singapore.

The cats vs dogs saga culminated in this post: The Press, on Dawn’s blog, which I fully agree with. The press can be an easy way to reach many with your opinions, but it can also be your worst foe – don’t be the one who turns it against yourself; always know what you’re writing a letter to the press for, how you’re writing it and why you’re writing it the way you did.

But well, what I would like to highlight, amid all the human conflicts is this bit that everybody ought to remember: why we do what we do. It could simply be due to the fact that there is Something about Cats (from the people at the wonderful project kuching coast), or dogs as the case may be.

Remember, it should be about them, not our opinions and squabbles.

Here’s the reverse chronology of the various storms – sometimes they cross borders so it’s just one list, from Dawn’s blog:


2 responses to “Here’s looking at you, babe

  1. Just curious hon, is there a story behind the pictures of the young dog who gets comfort cuddling up to the cat? It is a series of 4 pics that I have seen elsewhere on your site and now I have to ask about that dog and cat. The poor dog looks so very scared and I cannot stop thinking about them.

  2. Laura,
    Honestly, I’m not sure. I found the picture accompanying a petition to request China stop treating cats and dogs cruelly. But the source link doesn’t give any info to these two lovely babies’ story either. Though I vaguely recall something similar, I have no clue about their story. Sorry.