Singapore Laguna Park: Cats blamed for car scratches

Talk about guilty until proven innocent, it’s a fatal human-caused affliction for the kitties. Yes, somewhere in a plush locale in Singapore, where the residents are deepening their pockets in anticipation of an en-bloc windfall, it seems they’re entertaining themselves with the perennial favourite passtime of Singaporean car owners: blame cats for scratches on their cars.

Laguna Park cats in danger
( 24 Jun 08 )

The residents of Laguna Park stand to pocket millions of dollars from En Bloc but wealth only creates more attachment to their material belongings that they will not spare even a mere cat!

Please speak out for the cats.

Management’s email is

Please forward to your friends who live in Laguna Park to stop any possible killing of the cats!

Source: Laguna Park cats in danger!

Click on the picture to see the original large-size scan and for more details. It’s really quite a forgone conclusion what action will be taken against the cats if no one speaks up. So please help if you can.

But really, show me a human, aka homo sapien, who is able to leave scratches on a car. Then I’ll believe a cat can do likewise.


7 responses to “Singapore Laguna Park: Cats blamed for car scratches

  1. Sent to Laguna Park:

    Dear sir

    I refer to your poster on cat scratching cars.

    Cat claws have the same hardness as human fingernails. You may wish to test on a vehicles if your own fingernails can scratch a car.

    If the car has been waxed, a fingernail may possible scrap the wax off (since wax is softer than fingernails). However, the body of the car is not scratched.

    Cats do not like to scratch cars by nature. The smooth body of the car is not a good candidate for scratching. Cats prefer textures that allow the claws to “cling” onto such as tree barks.

    Cats however like to sleep on cars due to warmth (especially on cold nights). In so doing, the cats may leave behind paw prints that can be wiped away easily.

    When cats walk, their claws will retract (i.e. be withdrawn) so the possibility of cats scratching cars when walking is nil. I personally do not suffer scratches when my own cat decides to walk all over me when I’m sleeping.

    I hope this information will correct some of the misconceptions evident in your poster.

    Yours sincerely,

  2. Nice! Thank you.

  3. OMG. I can’t believe that the management at Laguna Park actually BELIEVE that cats can scratch their cars?!

  4. It’s a common urban myth that’s got Singaporean car owners by the scruff.

  5. i live at Lagoon View….we share a common fence, the same convenient store, laundry shop, etc. I will do my part to help these kitties. I have a few cats over at my side of the fence and i know i’d be devestated if anyone took them away.
    Cat claws don’t cause scratches…don’t these people go to school??! May these people be reincarnated as cats in their next life…*evil laugh*

  6. *Ngiak*

    Hi nickonme, thanks. Really hope it works out, for all.

  7. Laguna Park Management Suckxxxx