Today: Where’s the ‘heart’ in heartland? 25th June

From the cws unofficial diary: Today: Where’s the ‘heart’ in heartland? 25th June

My heart goes out to Ms Helga Gamp, the letter writer, since we’re essentially in the same army. But I’m not surprised at all by her encounters with her tc. Talk about offering your right cheek after being slapped on your left or grinning and bearing with being stabbed in the back while looking at your stabber and continuing to extend a hand.

Because it is a fact, a sad one, but fact nonetheless, that town councils tend to view cat caregivers with us-vs-them view, though of course there are also stories of TCOs who are more eager and understanding than caregivers in their areas on Dawn’s old blog. (I wish I had one around the vicinity.)

However, tcs tend to find nothing wrong with bending over backward for the most frivolous complaints, even coming up with a ZERO stray agenda.

Neighbours don’t have to be strangers, but how much are officious tea/block parties helping to close the gap? A glance at the bored looks of the scraggles of participants is rather telling.

Relationships and ties can only be hothoused so much. If the authorities would climb down off their high-caddy, they might just see how organically grassroots are growing under their feet, without their benign interference. Any interference thus far that they have in fact bestowed on such organic grassroots served more to trample on and mess things up. Case in point: Tampines tc (latest salvo here). The kampong spirit would do well with some careful and progressive nurturing, rather than forced down residents’ throats as great milestones.

“THE road ahead for the Housing Board (HDB) is to meet the housing needs of a growing population with increasingly different needs and aspirations,” so said National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan. But housing needs are not just about brick-and-mortar issues, never mind accolades about its contributions to superficial cohesion.

EDIT 20080625: Outside of Singapore, caregiver groups do hit brickwalls too, “Compassion often eludes feral cats; groups out to save them


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