Diary of a Kitty Kidney Patient

When Bam Bam was diagnosed with ARF (Acute, not Chronic Kidney Failure), we weren’t yet on blogosphere. Even if we were, I highly doubt we’d have the presence of mind to update on his condition, at least not with any coherence. However, having to cope with kitty needs, hospital stays, follow-up vet visits are facts of life when kitty comes down with a long-term illness. It’s not something any sane mind would anticipate, but it does help to know how others had cope when faced with the same or similar situations.

Hoping to share our experience, I have been writing (and editing) a laundry list of grinds the two old coots (Bam Bam and Teddy) have put us through to mark their decade with us. However, it is still not yet done.

Not that it is a happy happenstance, but Xin Xin, of kxbc is now into her second week as a renal failure kitty, and I have been following her folks’ updates. It brings back a lot of memories about our own experience with the Bamster.

In any case, I will put the relevant post links (to-date) here for reference. I hope this will serve to demonstrate that being parent to a a kitty or poochie, or hamster, is as much responsibility as with raising a human kid. That sometimes it means having to spend (BIG) money at the vet’s. That while our kitties give joy and love, there are times that may be grief and anxiety, but that whatever comes, we ought to be there for them (no sick kitty deserves an end like Abby‘s), and that nothing is absolute, whether situations that may seem despairing at first or hopeful. Take a deep breath, and roll with the punches.

While most kitty illnesses affect kitties in old age, these are not iron-cast rules. Take Frankie who was diagnosed with CRF before he reached 3 for instance, or our Milly who died at age 3 of cancer.

Also, if you have more than 1 kitty, you may be frazzled to the point that you sometimes overlook or are slow to react to the needs of the others, as happened to the kxbc Chang Chang. However, this is understandable, and it happens. Don’t beat yourself up over it: putting yourself out of commission is hardly productive or helpful to anyone at this point. Just be mindful and attend to any problems that you do notice as you normally would. You need to be as together as you can during such times.


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