‘Mad scientists’ prove pet fish have more on the ball than we thought

Yes, fish apparently learn faster than poochie too.

Isaac Newton, a betta fish, swims through a hoop at Fish School. It will get a piece of food as a reward.
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Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

Teach a fish to play football and … well, now you really could be on to something.

A Pine man and his son have trained a pet goldfish to “carry” a football, “shoot” a soccer ball into a net, even “dance” the limbo.

If you don’t believe it, you can check out photos and videos at the Web site they’ve launched, www.fish-school.com.

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To what end? I’m heartened to read that it’s not to start that bastion of cruelty… a scaly circus:

Mr. Pomerleau, who doesn’t expect to give up his day job, says, “It’s been a fun project for the two of us,” but it’s not just frivolous. He’s a longtime vegan who doesn’t eat any animal products. Kyle now doesn’t eat fish.

They both believe that helping show that fish are sentient might help convince people to treat them better, a goal shared by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal’s Fish Empathy Project.

It bothers Kyle, too, that, “People fish for fun. They don’t even necessarily eat them.”

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I just hope this didn’t spark off another pet fad, abandoning pet fish is just as cruel as abandoning pet furries. Got this off here: fishinghurts.com, which also has these interesting articles:


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