Of pussies, rambles and lurkers

Wow, something between noon and 1pm, tec received its 333,333th hit, which means we’re a third of the way to our first million… too bad none of it is legal tender.

Considering that we’re a Singapore-based, minion-authored cat-blog only slightly over 1 2 years old here on wordpress, and that we’re hardly famous or popular-topical, themed, or even particularly catty, that seems like a lot of traffic. From no traffic to averaging 300 – 500 hits daily, I can only guess at what would interest readers who aren’t friends and acquaintances who happen to be into TnRM or looking to adopt a kitty to return to tec.

I can’t help wonder who else reads us either: we hardly get comments, and it sometimes seem like we’re just rambling to ourselves. So, aside from our little list of known suspects of usual, who else lurks on tec?

tec stats as of 15 Jul 08, 2pm

tec stats (monthly) as of 15 Jul 08, 2.30pm

Yes, I’m a hitwhore, but which blogger isn’t infected? However, I am sad-happy that our most popular post is not kitty related, well in a way it is, since it is about the myth of the endangered White Tiger (and the more people read about it the more people become aware of its flakiness). But to have it account for 40% of tec hits is not something that speaks well about tec’s reach nor people’s obsession with exotica.

But the tec hit profile is improving. For a time, White Tiger hits hovered near the 50% mark of all tec hits, and seemed ready to vault over to the higher side. Right then, I told btmao that the day the White Tiger post account for more than half of tec hits, I will stop blogging, except for our kitty adoption notices. But these days, on a daily basis, White Tiger hits typically account for 25% or less of tec hits.

There are other saving graces in all this squiggley-do. My cat is a what-what-what? is our second most popular blog post, though it accounts for only 2.5% of all-time hits. At number 3 is BEWARE Hartz tick and flea control products, 1.8%. That leaves over 55% for everything else. Not too bad, not “GREAT!” great, but none too shabby, we think.

Here’s another look at the tec popularity stakes, all-time top posts/pages:

All top 20 tec posts/pages as at 15 Jul 2008, 2.30pm

All-time top 20 tec posts/pages as at 15 Jul 2008, 2.30pm

Quite an eclectic mix, but then so are the roving interests of us minions. Though I admit to being pleased (and relieved) to find kitty posts dominating the list.


How to keep kittyness the main focus of this supposedly kitty-blog? Regular updates and cutey cute photos are the order of the day it seems. As I’ve said, we’re trying to get back on track.

Meantime, the burning question still remains: Who is a tec lurker? Don’t be shy.


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