Area3: Marty and Henna, 13 Jul 08

It’s been 4 months since an Area3 update (3 since Marcus went missing), so I accompanied btmao to the Sunday morning breakfast service to the area 3 kitties and of course took new pictures of the furries.

Marty, in the midst of his usual fervent (and loud) greetings to btmao

Henna, as usual followed his lead

Best friends: these two are the seniors of area 3 and have been firm buddies for ever. Every time we see them, they’re busy giving each other headbutts and kisses

Of course they make sure to give btmao love and affection, gratitude and hugs too.

After this, we went over to Mary’s (the ex-Martin gangland). Thus far, I’ve not sighted Maggie at all, though btmao has met and given her breakfast a few times.


4 responses to “Area3: Marty and Henna, 13 Jul 08

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  2. Marty’s tummy so round and big! 😀

  3. Heh, better it be big and round. He always lose very fast when he’s not well.

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