BBC: Last cat saved from Olympics site

Remember the news about the cats in the London 2012 Olympics stadium site? Great news is the Celia Hammond Animal Trust did it! They’ve saved all the known cats from the demolition threat. Now if only the same were done at en-bloc sites here. Foster Mum’s cats-for-adoption drive will reopen soon, starting with 13 en-bloc affected community cats that are moving into the cattery this weekend. Some of these were pets abandoned when their owners moved away from the site long ago, so this is the second tragedy to befall these ex-pets.

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Last cat saved from Olympic site

The charity aims to find a home for Blackjack within the next month

The last remaining stray cat has been rescued from the Olympic Park site after eluding capture for months.

A charity saved 186 cats from the building site in Stratford, east London, but could not catch one they named Blackjack.

The Celia Hammond Animal Trust finally lured him into a trap containing a plate of chicken this week.

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Thanks to Budak for the headsup.


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