Cattery2: Ticked Tabbies, 13 Jul 08

More kitties of the cattery on Sun, 13 Jul. This time, all agouti tabbies and roomies.


Boston foreground, Gin Gin background (calsifer: I just know there’s a LOL caption waiting to burst out)

Freddy left, Boston (again) right

Apple Pie left, (and yes) Boston right

Beside a knack for photo-moments, Boston seems to be Mr Congeniality, getting the kitty version of buddy hi-fives on with the big Apple and (bigger than him) Freddy. But a closer look at his posture shows that he’s a bit subordinate/wary of the close contact. Why then did he place himself into such a situation? Well, Boston’s quite an active energetic young male and has aspirations up the hierarchy, and so he likes to be in the same space as the two big boys. But he hasn’t been able to overcome the sheer force of Apple nor power himself past Freddy, and it’s been stalemate central for quite a while.

Boston used to get on Frankie‘s nerves too (Frankie used to hold regular staredowns with Apple initially but since they signed gentleman accords some months back, both studiously avoid being near each other’s tails).

Boston has since wised up and takes care to leave Mr ARF Cat alone. But he does have at least one success under his paw: he is an avid and accomplished Freda stalker-bully.


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