Today 20080726: AVA should not cull strays as it pleases

Letter in response to the article: Canine Control. The Stray Dilemma For Animal Groups

This is a screenshot of the letter taken off the pdf edition as the text edition did not have it.

Letter response to culling article on 25 Jul 08

Letter response to culling article on 25 Jul 08

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2 responses to “Today 20080726: AVA should not cull strays as it pleases

  1. Really, if the animal rights group want to be heard and get the authority to sit up and listen, they must first be able to set aside all their internal issues and ego and come together as a singular group, draft a proposal to the changes to laws on pet ownership, house ownership, stricter punished, etc etc and hopefully if you can get an MP or MNP to sponsor the call to AVA and HDB to “listen” or even change the rulings.

    This is really and probably the most effecitive way to go. Just like what the bloggers did with the censorship laws.

    We can keep discussing such issues on Today or ST till the cats come home, it will not matter. Because as long as there is no real physical and visible challenge and pressure to change, both AVA and HDB will not be bothered.

  2. saltwetfish,
    You’ve got only a partial view of the picture, imo. Yes, there might be more the groups can do to get the authorities to listen. However, citizens, individuals also need to speak up. Let me give you a brief summary on why.

    The animal welfare situation isn’t quite like the censorship laws. Why? Are noise-making bloggers rounded up and culled merely on the strength of an anonymous complaint that they are noise-making bloggers? But, the mere anonymous complaint of a cat or dog in a public place is enough to send the guillotine crashing down on said animal(s). In flats, the mere anonymous complaint of a cat’s existence is enough to bring the HDB down on the poor kitty’s neck too.

    This is not to say the groups have not been trying. Case in point: During, and even preceding the SARS scare of 2003, the Cat Welfare Society had been pushing for HDB to abolish its cats-only ban in flats. A survey, in which 7,000 responded, was conducted and findings that the majority of respondents want to see a change in this rule was rejected as being not representative of ground sentiments. Mind you, respondents to this survey had to provide full Name, NRIC number and residential address for their participation to be counted. And yet, it was dismissed out of hand by the HDB.

    Yet, the HDB has ALWAYS maintained, and still is maintaining that the anti-cat rule is in place as they have not heard otherwise from residents.

    Other groups have met the same brick wall in efforts to get the HDB to review its rules on dogs.

    You say that the animal groups must act as a singular group as it “is really and probably the most effective way to go. Just like what the bloggers did with the censorship laws.” Who are the bloggers if not individuals? Did they band together and form a singular blogger rights group? Bloggers speak up for themselves, and they can make really good noise. Authorities cannot afford to shove them in some corner and forget about them, by the mere fact that bloggers hold NRICs and passports and can bang away on the keyboard.

    What do animals have? Certainly no identification papers nor the ability to bang something out on the keyboard… at least not in a cogent sense that can arouse empathy and sense of mission among fellow victims. Animals are at the mercy of identification paper holders, though not all bang away at the keyboard.

    Animal groups can’t get time of day from the Singapore authorities as they are viewed as championing something that’s non-consequential nor valuable.

    Authorities have the mindset that animal groups can be ignored as people DON’T CARE about animal welfare. So until Singaporeans stand up and tell the authorities, yes they do care, it will be business as usual for AVA, round-up happy town councils, and selfish complainants who expect to be waited on hand and foot by authorities (who are more than happy to oblige).

    The pitiful cries of kitties and doggies being hauled to death row will continue to fall upon deaf ears.