Today 20080728: Relaxing pet ownership rules might be an answer

Another letter in response to the article: Canine Control. The Stray Dilemma For Animal Groups.

I can guess, and people familiar with situation would say the same, that AVA would trot out their deader-than-dead template reply and hope the public flogs it and forget about them again. So though I have promised to refrain from going link happy, please do consider writing in and supporting this letter. For tips and clues, please refer to the points I’ve laid out here, but of course modify them, your agenda and tone accordingly. Thanks. 

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Can more be done?

Relaxing pet ownership rules might be an answer

Monday • July 28, 2008

I REFER to “The stray dilemma for animal groups” (July 25) and “Reader: You should not cull strays as you please, AVA” (July 26-27).

While I agree we should not be releasing sterilised animals back where they came from, there needs to be a solution to the problem.

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA) has a Responsible Pet Ownership project. Perhaps the various authorities, individuals and groups could work in tandem, review the effectiveness of this campaign and come up with some more positive measures to supplement them?

For a start, most strays are mongrels. Perhaps we could consider more laxity for ownership of such dogs in public housing or temporary dog ownership schemes for “factory” dogs.

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