Rheilly phot update

btmao has been bugging me to put up her favourite Rheilly photos recently taken, pleading ignorance of flickr and wordpress for not doing so herself (sluggard).

So here they are:
Truncated. Her ample tummy is so generous it makes her look like she’s missing half her length when she poses just so.

Baby tumtum. Ever since her sterilisation nearly 5 years ago, her tummy fur has never grown back. We had hoped that when she joined the slackers 2 years ago, the home environment would help. Better food and shelter have coaxed some fuzz out, but it’s still not the full recovery we had hoped for. But she doesn’t seem bothered by it, so it’s fine by us too. It’s just that bare area feels rather cold to the touch, and that’s when we wonder about getting her a tum-cozy (thank goodness we can’t knit).

She’s just under the coffee table, and in a rare moment of cooperation, allowed me to creep up close for this shot.

She’s sitting on her favourite cushion, and in another rare moment of cooperation, allowed me to get close for some shots

Doze. I was surprised at how relaxed she was this round, usually she would scoot off, not close her eyes. Perhaps she’s lulled by being on her favourite cushion.

That’s all folks, nighty night and purry dreams.


4 responses to “Rheilly phot update

  1. Aww. She’s beautiful! Just purrrrfect! I love her round shape, actually. Makes her look so huggable!

  2. Hi Isabel,
    Long time no see =)

    Heheh, Rheilly does look so but in reality she’s a bit too round and short to be huggable =P I think the Spots and Max are one-up on her.

  3. Wow, such a sweet looking baby! She has very nice eyes. :p

    My cat had the same problem as Rheilly on the bare tummy bit. We thought that we would never see fur on that part of the tummy anymore. We were wrong. After she was given simepar for her liver disorder, the fur re-grow. 🙂

  4. Suzanna,

    Hmmm, interesting, but for Rheilly, we’re quite sure it stemmed from her sterilisation, and probably a lifetime of bad nutrition didn’t help. We just wonder what else can we do to give the fuzzy the much needed boost.