Zoey’s story

Sometimes, a seemingly impossible choice presents itself. Sometimes a decision is then made that seem to fly in the face of reason. Sometimes these illogic decisions change lives.
This is the first entry about Zoey’s story, whose handicap reminds us a lot of Remy.
A rough start
A rough start
We found this kitten sitting in the middle of the road on our way home one Friday night. We almost ran her over. I was half hoping she was a feral cat and would run the other way when I got out to check her over. But she ran right up to me and started purring. Well, what could we do but take her home and decide what to do.
I came across Zoey’s story and I just had to share it, especially after reading this (emphasis mine).
Surgery soon
Surgery soon
On October 18th, Zoey is scheduled to be spayed and have the remainder of the bad eye removed. Her right eye will then be sewn shut. I feel a little bad about this and I’m not sure why. Its my hope that maybe through this photo diary, she will become a good will ambassador for other pets that may not seem to be perfect or the first ones to be considered for adoption. Thanks to everyone so far that has taken the time to read Zoey’s story and for your kind words of encouragement.
Stay tuned.

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