Adoption Drive and Mini Bazzar (30th and 31st August)

Received in the mail:

from Lynn Lam


date Wed, Aug 6, 2008 at 1:05 AM

subject FW: Adoption Drive and Mini Bazzar At Blessing Home on 30th August and 31st August 2008

Dear Friends,

There’s an adoption drive at Blessing Home coming up on 30th and 31st August. Details are below. Blessing Home constantly tries to rehome as many abandoned cats to make room for more needy cats. If you know of anyone who is genuinely interested in considering adopting cats, please kindly extend this invitation to them.

If you are interested in volunteering during the Adoption Drive or would like to find out how you can contribute to help Blessing Home, please feel free to write to Phyllis, Fiona (, or myself.

Help us find a home for our feline friends! Please pass this message on.

Warmest Regards, Lynn

From: Phyllis Aw

Subject: Adoption Drive and Mini Bazzar At Blessing Home on 30th August and 31st August 2008

Date: Sunday, 3 August, 2008, 6:37 PM

Dear Animal Friends,

As a result of many enblocked cases in many areas, a lot of the community cats become homeless. Their home are gone due to enblock and the cat feeders feeding the area are unable to bring them along to the new area.

Cat feeders faces a lot of problem when their areas are being enblocked. The cats that they are feeding are so used to their own area/home and tend to go back to the area when the feeders relocate them. Also new estates these days do not seem to welcome a lot of community cats. Complains also tend to increase causing the new cats at the new estate to be in danger as the Town Council might be at work. Also, Cat abusers at the new area may strike anytime.

Due to these enblock cases, Blessing Home had rescused a lot of community cats from all over S’pore. Within a week, Blessing Home had about 25 new members. These cats that are rescused due to enblock issues are currently not being funded by anyone when they stay at Blessing Home.

A lot of feeders are unable to afford the boarding fees as they are having a lot of their cats coming into the Home at one go. Also the feeders might have other committment and some of the feeders are elderly people where they need to work to make ends meet. The amount that they earn are only sufficient to support themselves and also buying cat food for the cats and not being able to support the boarding fees for all of their cats.

The members at Blessing Home are increasing and as more estates are being enblocked, Blessing Home will need to help more community cats. As there is a limit to the number of new members that Blessing Home can accomodate, Blessing Home is hoping that people from all walks of life who are interested in having a cat as their new family members and who have a senses of responsiblity to come and adopt the cats during the Adoption Drive.

This would give the cats at Blessing Home many rays of lights and hopes. The adoption drive will be held on the 30th of August and 31st of August, 11am to 5.30pm at 210D Punggol 17th Ave Spore 829692. Besides the Adoption Drive, we are also having a mini bazzar and the funds that we get from the bazzar will be used for the cats’ expenses at Blessing Home.

By adopting the cats, it would help Blessing Home to have a chance to rescuse other community cats that are in need and most importantly, it allows the cats to have a chance to start a new life in the new home and giving the cat a chance to be well loved by someone and giving youself a chance to be loved and be humored by the cats that you have adopted.

The cats at the Blessing Home hopes to see lots of rays of hopes and lights on the 30th and 31st August 2008.

Please kindly help to foward this email to your friends who might be interested in having a new member in their home.

Regards, Phyllis



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