Catnapped! Betsy pregnant. Will be aborted.

The friendly tabby female kitten we first sighted in the wee hours of 21 Mar 08 was finally secured last night. Great news is she’s as super friendly as we remembered, the bad – she’s preggers.


She will be assessed, and if suitable will have her babies aborted. I feel her chances of an abortion are high as her nipples felt soft, not swollen, inidicating her pregnant status is not in danger of being changed shortly.

While I fed Betsy last night, she displayed none fo the characteristics of being a street savvy cat. The first thing she did when I approached the bench she was grooming under, she meowed and presetned her ample tummy. When I sat down and spoke to her, she immediately jumped into my lap, purring. She made biscuits and then settled into my lap.

After we called Foster Mum for arrangements, I fed her as while btmao went home for the carrier. Betsy followed excitedly when she smelled the plastic bag containing Stanley‘s leftovers. She was extremely hungry for a pet cat, especially a pregnant one. However, she did not try to filch food from the paper dish to eat at a distance, and did not react as I touched her randomly. Total trust that only a cat with a home will possess. But is her situation unusual? Not all all.

We’re ‘playing god‘ again because of irresponsible pet ownership. But what business does any super friendly pet kitten has to be wandering around in the wee hours as we first saw her doing in Mar? What business does a kitten who seems underfed to be pregnant? How is it that a pet cat ends up being hungry like she was? Tough but run-of-the-mill questions reflecting the state of things.


I did not want to overfeed her, due to tummy upset concerns, but neither did I want to withhold food to the point that she felt she ought to be moving on. So I fed her the tiniest can of petfood we had plus a handover of kibbles. Smart girl that she is, Betsy kept trying to scrounge around the plastic bag when she finished up. All in all, I had given her about 6 or 8 kibble samplers before btmao returned with the carrier. She went into the carrier herself and was quiet for about 5 minutes. She started to vocalise and increase her volume the longer she was inside. We deduced she was still hungry and getting a bit bewildered.

As is our standard procedure, she was kept in the study room, where the slackers have their second litterbin. Clearly Betsy was quite concerned about the sensory overload the varying scents evoked.

The advantage in our favour was that tabbies seem to be characteristically small-voiced. So we were not as concerned about her calls disturbing the neighbours or drawing unwanted attention.

We had a peaceful night but in the morning we were embroiled in a minor frenzy by 7am this morning. Our second worst fear materilised – she had the runs.

After we transferred Betsy to a clean carrier, btmao rushed to service the area3 kitties while I remained behind to cleanup. With the slackers getting in the way at every opportunity it was a wonder no accident happened.

btmao was back by 8 and by 9 we had reached the cattery. Betsy remained calm though she vocalised a bit.

After being transferred to a cage in cattery 2, she calmly surveyed all and sundry.



Neighbours with Freda who is none too pleased with getting a neighbour.

We feel good about Betsy’s chances of an early adoption. But for now, she will be monitored for her diarrhea. Thankfully, Foster Mum agreed to try to squeeze Betsy in. Given the elusive nature of the new batch of area2 cats, we might not have seen her again until her next pregnancy, vicious cycle and all.


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