SOS: Cat With Rectum Exposed in Toa Payoh

Saw this on the catwelfare society‘s Special Appeals page. To help, please contact the coordinating person directly. (email Lynn at )

Cat With Rectum Exposed in Toa Payoh – Posted on 4 Oct 2008

An urgent appeal from a volunteer Janet:

Janet saw this cat in the vicinity.  As you can see from the picture, his rectum and part of the intestine is sticking out!  A surgery (maybe a few) is definitely needed save this cat.  And the hospital stay is probably going to kill all of us financially.  Can you please help us post this on the CWS Appeals page so we can save this cat?  This looks very painful. 😦

Please kindly email Lynn at if you can help in some ways or another.

Note from calsifer: While I welcome comments and am game for discussions, please Do Not post your contact details here as I am merely trying to help pass on the message. It is far more effective and appropriate for you to contact the coordinating as listed in appeal directly if you want to offer help. Thank you.


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