Cat attack complaint – follow at your own peril, kits!

Another prime example of how far people can go to get a harmless community cat removed or killed, and potentially, how willing town councils and MPs are willing to pander to such creatures. Why don’t they all pick on somebodies their own size is something I keep wondering… oh wait, I forgot, they just did are doing just that.

Complaint about cat attack

A lady complained to the MP that she was attacked by a cat loitering at a car park and causing her a sprained ankle. This cat is a ginger male, a friendly but rather shy community cat.

She also warned that the cat could attack children at the nearby playground and therefore should be removed.

Later she told Sylvia that the cat didn’t actually attack her but kept following her. The cat is a sterilised ginger male, friendly but rather shy.

The “attacks” happen at around 10.30 / 11.30 which is around feeding time. Could the cat have mistaken her for the feeder?

Nevermind about the “heart” in “heartland”, where is the Singaporean heart, mind and logic???

I can only say I am innoculated against human stupidity and egotism by virtue of prolonged exposure.


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