The three head-butting best friends (community cats)

I came across love this little vid and want to share it with everybody.

I could go on my typical ramble and soapbox my way through reality and animal-utopia , but I’ll keep it simple:

I think this demonstrates how affectionate, gentle, friendly and peaceful cats can be among themselves. Great plus point that they are all tipped-eared. I love the black cat especially, so busy making eyes, turning belly up, head-butting, and talking all at the same time.

She’s got a very small voice but she’s beautiful. I love how she’s the bridge between the video maker and her more timid tabby buddies.

All the cats need is to be respected as living creatures sharing our space and allowed to live their lives. They don’t need interference or intervention from people, barring the very crucial mojo-stealing of course.

Can’t help wondering if they are related. In any case, I hope they stay together, safe and healthy always.


3 responses to “The three head-butting best friends (community cats)

  1. A clearer version here:

    The black cat is called Panther-2 and is a he 🙂

  2. Watch this video in HD

  3. Oops..duplicated by message….it wasnot working yesterday due to vimeo’s technical fault but it is now 🙂