More area2 updates

After 3 nights of missing Bambi, we finally managed to serve her dinner. Maybe last night’s whinge tipped the balance.

It is almost certain that she is nursing. She knew the meaning of the paper “plate”, and was savvy about the can, expecting to find water filling it. She is certainly scaredy but btmao managed to touch her for a split-second. It will take some work to earn her trust, we only hope we can manage it before she get s pregnant again. While she ate, we caught sight of a ginger* in the distance. Judging by the tail, it was not the mysterious ginger mentioned but Sunny. He was loitering around the neighbourhood eatery. I cannot understand how anybody who profess to love their cats can stomach the notion of allowing their precious pet to wander about and beg for food. But then, their logic doesn’t compute for me anyway.

In any case, Bambi was not the first cat we saw tonight. Before we found her, we came across a dilute calico with a long tail, as scrawny and saggy-bellied as her for the first time. This new one was almost as scaredy as Bambi had been at first.  She ran away from us of course. But hopefully we can “get” her too.

Stanley’s still schwinging obviously: he turned up just round the corner from where the dilute calico came from.

[EDIT: The mysterious ginger is now called Jet.]


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