Area2: Bambi has a feeder

So our mum told us she was caught by surprise to spot Bambi on Monday evening, out and about the eatery grounds at 6pm already. Then a middle-aged auntie appeared and called to her.

Bambi responded immediately. Just steps away from the eatery and in plain view the auntie threw down some kibbles on the roadside and went off. Bambi took a few bites and went back to begging at the eatery.

I will never understand how anyone who feeds a cat and has established a relationship can not notice how emaciated the cat looks after feeding for a period of time and wonder why, nor how that person can continue obliviously and not think of the dangers and folly of feeding the cat in plain sight. Building karma on bad deeds.

I wonder if this feeder also knows the extremely scaredy and post-natal dilute calico female we’ve sighted twice (1st time on the evening of Betsy’s catnapping) but have never managed to get near to.


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