Becky is being prepped for adoption

Remember Becky? She was sterilised on 31 Mar 08. Quite unfortunately for us, she happened to be on heat when we catnapped her home on the previous night, so all of us had a sleepless night, including the slackers. It also meant another $50 to the sterilisation bill. She was friendly and purry throughout her stay with us.

Because of her demonstrated friendliness, plus the location where she loiters and her tendency to follow young girls begging for attention, we decided that if a vacancy opens up at the cattery, we’ll put her up for adoption.

She’s been in the cattery for a while now, and unfortunately is still a bit shy and withdrawn, quite unlike her personality which we though we knew. We guess that she is missing her old family very much – torties do seem to be fiercely loyal, from Foster Mum’s experience.

As usual, we will wait on her and put her up for adoption officially only when she is ready. Meantime, we do hope she will accept that her old family is no longer there for her.


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