Freddy home-free since 30 Aug 2008

Freddy‘s new family identified him as the one in late july, but due to scheduling conflicts, was not able to bring him home until late August.

On 30 Aug, I wasn’t there to say good bye to him, but btmao got a last cuddle with him. He seemed to know something’s up.

The next day, his new mum, P, called me, sounding very concerned that he has not used the toilet. She had opted not to use pine, which was what is used at the cattery, and had bought recycled paper pellets as her daughter has sensitive noses like us. She was getting ready to go out and get some pine, as she suspected he may not like the recycled paper pelltes. So I reassured her that it is not unusual for cats to take a while to get their biological rhythm back in step when in a new environment. However, I advised her to just watch him, and while it may be difficult ot differentiate between a cat trying to adapt to a new environment and a cat in a new environment from distress due to other more ominous reasons, a few simple signs would clue her in, namely:

  • he is eating well
  • he is not crying loudly
  • rather than hiding himself away, he was in fact exploring the house and mingling with the family already

Following our conversation, this is the email I received from P the next day:

… thanks for the reassurance – it saved me $20+ on a bag of pine litter. This morning, when I walked into the study I was greeted with the aroma of cat pooh – Freddy had apparently used his box sometime between midnight last night and 7 am this morning. So hopefully he sticks to the idea. He wandered aronund the house yesterday – very inquisitive, but retreated to the study again about 20 minutes later. He showed a huge interest in the beds so I kept the bedroom doors shut and gave him a bath this morning so even if he decides to sample the beds he’ll at least be decently clean.

He plays a lot, but he’s quietened down now – isn’t in a perpetual frenzy. He was really a livewire on Saturday.

I have to run now. Will report again soon…. And thanks from all of us – Freddy is so great!

On 9 Sep, came this update:

Freddy’s definitely at home now – roaming very freely and asserting his preference for the kitchen counter vs the floor. He’s using his litter-box regularly and being very good about that aspect of his daily activities. He’s not keen at all on the Natural Balance food but I am persevering. I have come to the conclusion that, unknown to us, he has taken some degree in geometry. He singles out the triangular kibble (calsifer’s note: the kibble he was fed in the cattery) almost perfectly from the circular ones (Nat Balance). So many stories to tell you….

We have yet to visit, obviously. We hope to rectify the situation soon.


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