Mio has a garden to roam in

Mio had her first potential adopter visit on 16 Aug 08. On 23 Aug, she went home to an expat family with 2 children, and experience with cats.

Before she was packed off to her new home, I took some pictures

She was happy enough with the attention but didn’t seem aware of the imminent change to her life.

It was binging as usual for this trusting, and beautiful tabby.

It took her a while but when she realised she was leaving, she started to protest. It didn’t help that Bonnie got curious and explored the carrier while she was inside.

Of course we asked about Mio’s progress thereafter, but the most significant update came on 13 Sep via sms:

Hi calsifer. We introduced Mio to the garden but she comes back inside before we are ready. She seems to prefer inside. We went last night and found her sleepnig withe kids when we came back. She really settled well.

Here’s some lovely photos we got on 4 Oct:

Dear calsifer,

Here is some photos of Mio. Sorry it took so long to send these. She is doing quite well with us. She is getting slightly more adventurous but she mainly stays inside the house.

On Oct 7, this update:

Yes, Mio is eating very often and still acts like she is starving. She eats a lot more than Precious (calsifer: the family’s old cat) but hopefully it will get better. And Yes we decided to keep her name as we like it.

We hope to visit soon of course…


2 responses to “Mio has a garden to roam in

  1. i hope Mio is not meant to be an outdoor cat 🙂

  2. Well, as you can see, she’s an indoor/outdoor cat, with free-choice in the matter. 🙂