Isam, Sat 22 Nov 2008


It’s been a long time since we updated on Isam. He’s still holding his own as a free-ranging pet cat. Not to say that he is safe from abductions. I’ve come across people trying to lure him, and probably get him home due to his looks. But the fact that he’s still around says something about his character. He is really not an easy cat to like, unless you are willing to give him time. He can seem affectionate but swipe at you without warning. He also does not take food from anyone.

That is why we’ve not attempted to send to send him to the cattery and rehome him. We believe it’s partly due to his lineage. He probalby has Siamese in his heritage and it’s been said that Siamese are fiercely loyal. He’s a difficult cat to read, even to us. So even though we’re not happy that the Malay family has once again co-opted a good-looking cat we sterilised as one of their free-ranging brood, we are at least relieved he seems to be contented where he is.



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