Betsy the Gangsta


We’re still waiting for Betsy to settle down before putting her up for adoption. Quite the opposite from Freda, her problem is not shyness. She is instead taking the change in environment rather well, where human contact is concerned. She loves people and when carried loves to snuggle, and bury her head into the carrier’s arms.

Rather, it is her quarrelsome nature with other cats. Even if another cat is just passing by, a metere or more away, she will rush up to swipe at him or her. She even goes head to paws with Apple Pie, the resident alpha. Freda bears testimony to her catist nature.

However, we’re hopeful that she is just insecure and need a bit more time to behave. After all, it took the formerly quarrelsome Apple Pie no short amount of time to relax too.

Aside: We have a sneaky suspicion Betsy may be related to Twinkie. They both share the same look and face, and are both area 2 cats.


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