Freda’s out and about


After 5 months of timidness, Freda is finally coming out of her shell. We were delighted to see her out and about on her own for the first time last Saturday.

However, there is a price to pay for her freedom.
The two scars on her nose were inflicted by Betsy, who’s been feisty and aggressive with all and sundry. There’s another one on her right cleft.


The good news is that Freda is still as loving as ever, and is putty in the arms. She’s a gentle purr machine.


2 responses to “Freda’s out and about

  1. Ouch! 😦

    I hope her enounter with Betsy did not force her back to her ‘shell’ and become timid once more.

    Freda is a very pretty ger! :p

  2. We’re keeping our fingers crossed!