Mr Safety goes cat trapping

Remember the purveyor of meankitty pop? Yes, Mr Safety himself is spreading the necessary message: STERILISE, DAMMIT!

Ok so not in the same tone… just watch the vid please:

Remember, it is up to us, people, to change Singapore’s Love-Hate Relationship with TNRM, to remove the tormenting paradox. Don’t hope for a national pet project, because neither authorities nor Singapore’s straitlaced leaders will lead the charge. Bureaucratic red tape is perfect foil. Reduce the number of animals on the streets, reduce the number who die every year under the guise of humane termination.


One response to “Mr Safety goes cat trapping

  1. Way to go Mr Safety..We need this message to be out everywhere to stop the suffering of street cats. The more that are trapped , fixed and released the better and the less kittens that are born on the streets to a sad and short life.
    Thanks again.
    .karen duncan
    Vancouver, B.C.