BambiBaby aka Bradley

It’s been 1 month and 5 days since Bambi went missing. While her bewildered baby has been adapting, moving from dried leaves to the minion dinner service, we are no closer to getting him fostered or sterilised. Since his 2nd escape from our rubbery clutches, we have given up on the idea that he can rehomed, or even fostered unless we can do so ourselves. He is simply too high-strung and scaredy; it would just not be fair to put the responsibility of rehabilitating him on any fosterer. But we are hoping he might calm down once we can get him sterilised, given Ivan‘s example.

We had thought he would no longer respond to btmao after Christmas. In fact, we had not been able to find him since. That is, until the night Brenda and Indy returned, just a mere 3 day period.


It’s a bit dark of course, but I did not want to spook him with the camera flash. Given his character, once spooked, he would give up dinner and run away.

Hopefully, the video shows him more clearly. His face has lost that wide-eyed babyish freshfaced look, his muzzle getting more prominent. He is certainly growing up. We’ve decided to give a proper name, and btmao has chosen to call him Bradley.

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