Help Kitties: Blessing Home CNY Cookies For Sales

Blessing Home selling CNY goodies to raise funds. Please do help if you can.

Dear Cat-Lovers,

Time really flies and soon, it will be a brand new year for everyone.

As usual, Blessing Home is trying its best to help as many cats as possible, be it the sterilization of the strays out there or rehoming of the cats which currently seek their shelter in Blessing Home. However, with the economy downturn, it has been increasingly difficult to find good homes for the cats. From the beginning of the year till now, Blessing Home only managed to find loving homes for less than 50 cats, which is a great decrease compared to yesteryears. In addition, with the increment in the prices of patrol, cat food, medications etc, it has taken a toll on Blessing Home, which is a non-fundable and non-profitable cattery. Not only it has become tougher to sustain the cattery, there are more cases of strays, especially those affected by en block projects, awaiting for helps and rescues by Blessing Home.

Therefore, I will like to take this opportunity to invite everyone to do a part to lend a helping hand to the cats. I will be hand-baking Chinese New Year goodies and put them up on sale. Rest assured all the money will go to the running of the cattery and to the sterilization of the strays out there. Thus, I hope everyone will give me his or her fullest support and forward this email to as many animal-lovers as possible. The pricing of the cookies is as follows:

* Pineapple tarts -$20/45 pcs
* Cashew Nuts cookies: $10/bottle
* Vegetarian spring roll- $10/bottle
* Love letter- $10/bottle
* Prawn roll-$12/bottle

(A photo of the cookies has been attached for your viewing)

As there is no delivery for this year, there will be two pick up points for you to collect your cookies:

1) Plaza Singapura (near Dobby Gaut MRT station)

Date: 12th and 13th January 2009

Time: 6pm-8pm

2) Outside Outram Park MRT station

Date: 14th and 15th January 2009

Time: 6pm-8pm

For cookies ordering or enquiries, please contact Phyllis at 97348329. Do make your order(s) two weeks earlier as they are all hand-made cookies. Myself, as well as all my cats, will thank you greatly for your kind support.

Last but not least, I will like to wish all of you an early Happy New Year and all the best for the coming year!



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