Help Alabama post-office cat keep his home

Apparently, the phenomenon of complainants causing problems for community cats isn’t a Singaporean-only trait, small comfort that it is.

Worse is the stranger phemon of authorities’ willingness to bend like pretzels for 1, that’s o-n-e, 1 sole (not very strong) complainant against an animal who doesn’t bother anyone and is more than tolerated by the silent majority. One woman doesn’t want Sammy in the post office he calls home because she’s highly allergic.

You’d have to wonder: how much time does she spend in the post office compared to Sammy that the U.S Postal Office has to do her will? What would the U.S. Postal Service someone comes along and complains she’s highly allergic to the materials used in the stamps being sold? And I thought it was bad enough that Singapore has a town council chief who advocates a zero cat policy. Bureaucratic tail-chasing isn’t such a uniquely Singapore trait after all. Oh joy.

Go to Dawn’s blog and read Cat banned from Post Office to watch the vid report. Read more reporting here: Post office feline sparks cat fight in small Alabama town

P O Box 173, Notasulga, Alabama 36866, United States of America.


4 responses to “Help Alabama post-office cat keep his home

  1. Sammy was apparently allowed back inside the post office until the original complainer made another report, claiming allergies, and now Sammy is back outside again. Y’know, I’m pretty sure that NO ONE ON EARTH is so allergic to cats that they can’t go into a large building where one has visited (that would have precluded the infamous Dewey from spending his life in a library). I did read a story which said that Sammy has a home and an owner… he just likes to spend his days at the post office. It made me feel better to know that he’s not a stray (

  2. Um, I don’t know what I did to cause a sad face to appear in my last comment, as I was just shooting for the first part of my parentheses. Sorry for any confusing emoticons!

  3. Hi Leigh-Ann,
    I agree with you. And thanks for the update and the link.

    BTW, the sad smiley is due to there being a colon immediately before the open bracket for the link. I’ve removed it, and also hotlinked the url. Jsut thought you’d like to know. 🙂

  4. Oh, for goodness sakes, allow Sammy back inside his PO home! I can’t believe that he was put outside just because ONE (unreasonable) grouch complained… Doesn’t that person have anything better to do with his/her (?) time?