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Soapbox time… adoptions, CNY binging and species survival

Snuck a break, and checked out 2 bloggies after me own ticker:

1. ADOPTIONS. From the my animal family blog:

Friday, January 16, 2009

Flea Mania, GN’R for the love of cats

… there is something to be said about the unmade-up mind which is often not more appreciated. they are minds still engaged. for those whose minds are well and truly set, those conversations are essentially dead and dried up. and where does that leave us?

recently, the woman encountered a clash of cultures between a cat foster and potential adopter. the foster is dead set against the potential adopter because she has heard too many stories. it’s not right she admits, but would you gamble away the life of a kitten on ideals about tolerance and harmony?

the woman looks at the kitten who is small and fragile in her hands and she wavers. ultimately, she gave the kitten to the adopter.

it is crystal clear we all start out at the same place, foster, adopter – love for the cat. but while those of us who are activists, fosters, volunteers and vested in the capacity that we are, have reached certain conclusions about how exactly a cat should be cared for, it is not for us to judge who can come to those same conclusions and who cannot.

like good art and music, the work of a cat welfare volunteer is to engage and to help all kinds of people along to new understanding and new revelations. if we are set and hardened as bricks, what we might do is save that one kitten. how about the many that we cannot reach with just one hand on the left and one on the right?


Been wanting to write on this topic… but well, there you have it, my animal family style. BTW, GNR = Guns and Roses… glam metal/rock band, not my fav, but definitely an outfit from my musical era and taste.

2. CNY binging and species survival: the sharks edition. From mrs budak’s blog:

“We eat the whole shark” my foot!

12th Jan, 2009 at 9:02 AM
Angel disapproves

I have written about this before but I can’t find the post anymore. With Chinese New Year coming we’re seeing some entries from “food bloggers” on hotel CNY packages. These CNY packages, naturally, feature shark’s fin.

The common refrain from these food bloggers is that we Chinese “eat the whole shark”. Very interesting. We Chinese are indeed well-known for eating up every single part of every thing we catch or kill. That is, if the meat actually makes its way to the restaurant.

Funny how nobody actually asked the restaurants about this, huh?

It’s very simple economics. If you’re out catching fish you’re going to fill your vessel with stuff that fetch the highest price in the market. On a per pound basis shark fins fetch much more than shark meat. Also, only certain species of shark are caught for their meat (dogshark etc); shark meat is otherwise reputed to be very tough, smelly (ammonia) or virtually inedible. Shark’s fin, however, is shark’s fin and no fisherman is going to begrudge a shark for its inedible meat when its fin fetches money.

So you have horrific pictures of finless sharks drowning on the seabed.

We see shark’s meat on sale at the market (SOMETIMES, as not all shark varieties are edible), or “shark meat lor mee”, and we delude ourselves into thinking that we “eat the whole shark”. We eat shark’s fin and psycho ourselves that the rest of the shark is being used somewhere else, somehow. Yeah, right.

So we “eat the whole shark” huh? Do you ask the restaurant if they buy the whole shark and use every single part? Do you know what species of shark the fin came from? Do you ask for the rest of the shark to be served together with the fin?

Please, if you want to eat shark’s fin (and be slowly poisoned by mercury), go ahead. But spare the rest of us “shark enthusiasts” of your hypocritical pronouncements that “we eat the whole shark”. Unless you can be sure that every single part of the shark your fin came from is indeed being used, just stuff your face and keep your mouth shut.

This is where your fucking shark fins came from )

Last year, there was also a feature in the Straits Times about Singaporeans’ growing penchant for shark’s fin soup, focusing on the tradition of serving it at Chinese wedding dinners. One spokeswoman from a top restaurant actually said their supply came from… wait for it… … farmed sharks!!!

‘Most of the couples’ parents consider this dish a premium and without it, they would lose face,’ said Mandarin Oriental’s communications director Ruth Soh.

Still, the hotel ensures that the fins it buys are only from fish farms, and not those that are harvested in the wild, or ‘finned’, she added.

Wow, if there is such a thing as shark farms, why are environmentalists and conservationists still crying hell and highwater for sharks and the marine ecology? But even if farmed sharks were more than an urban legend, like Mrs Budak asks: what about the rest of the shark??? I’d also love to get some details on how the hotel ensures the fins it buys are only from fish farms? I can’t find any information at all about any viable shark farms nor credible research on shark farming, just tonnes on how human consumption habits are killing the ocean’s fishes, including sharks.

The Singapore consumer is more gullible than is criminally possible. Talk about ostriches putting their heads in the sand, which by the way, is another human-made myth.


Clawing back…

Worklife is taking its toll on my minionly duties as usual. But in the recent weeks past, choking internet access has added to my crime of negligence, not to mention my sanity.  I am cautiously optimistic the issue is resolved.

I am at last on leave, (from today for 2 weeks) but well, minionly updates will continue to be slow over the next few days as I discharge my duties as a filial daughter and responsibilities as a useful member of the family, and partake in the spring-cleaning.

Sleepy-tired (Rheilly), thinking-restive (Philly)… exactly the mess mix I feel now

My bio batteries are depleted to the point colleagues ask me why my hair so messy! I am utterly looking forward to being away from the W word. The new year holidays should see us back in some action. There’s quite a bit of updating on the clannies, and the adoption stuff for the fostered kitties. Meantime, happy holidays and check back in a few days, would you?