Clawing back…

Worklife is taking its toll on my minionly duties as usual. But in the recent weeks past, choking internet access has added to my crime of negligence, not to mention my sanity.  I am cautiously optimistic the issue is resolved.

I am at last on leave, (from today for 2 weeks) but well, minionly updates will continue to be slow over the next few days as I discharge my duties as a filial daughter and responsibilities as a useful member of the family, and partake in the spring-cleaning.

Sleepy-tired (Rheilly), thinking-restive (Philly)… exactly the mess mix I feel now

My bio batteries are depleted to the point colleagues ask me why my hair so messy! I am utterly looking forward to being away from the W word. The new year holidays should see us back in some action. There’s quite a bit of updating on the clannies, and the adoption stuff for the fostered kitties. Meantime, happy holidays and check back in a few days, would you?


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