NYT 20081017: In Hard Times for Humans, Hardships for Pets, Too

The ongoing crisis is causing hardships for all but really, when abandonment is rampant in good times, leading to an annual cat and dog kill rate of 21,000 in Singapore, what more can we expect when poo hits the fan and people have difficulties with money? As a reminder that pets are not ornaments or possessions but members of the family, I quote the closing section of this New York Times article:

But some people may find that as their savings evaporate, their need for companionship may grow stronger. This weekend at Madison Square Garden, the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals will be holding its annual Adopt-a-Cat day, with hundreds of cats and kittens looking for new homes. Prospective owners can fill out a survey that will color-code their personalities to match with available animals.

On average, a cat costs $1,000 a year to maintain, compared with about $1,500 a year for a dog, Ms. Levine said. Having a pet can bring healthy returns, especially during bear markets.

“They comfort us; they don’t care if your 401(k) lost money today,” Ms. Saul of Petfinder.com said. “They’re one of the few people in the family who are not going to be stressed out about what you did with your money.”

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