Area2: Jerry Geriatric

[EDIT 20090130] Jerry needs a home urgently

On the first phot-shoot on 1 Jan 2009 for Brina’s family, we met this cat for the first time.

He just came running

… presented his tummy and started luxuriating in a good ground squirm

A large tabby white with a bushy tail stump, he was gangly with dense mid-length fur. Obviously he has pedigree somewhere in his lineage. He was also sterilised though his ear was untipped.

This boy was so affectionate and yet so calm, so genteel otherwise, we half-expected him to start strolling with a nice cane and a monocle. As he did seemed to be on the further side of geriatric, we decided to call him Jerry.

Jerry was ravenous, and yet very measured even in his hunger

He was totally trusting, and yet even such a social cat as him took care to watch over his back while eating, which was rather unusual for a cat like him.

Two mornings later, we met a boy while out looking for Brina’s family, and he told us this big boy has been around for quite a while, always sitting in the same spot, and that his leg was injured, though he did not specify which leg. We did not notice any limping or distress during our earlier meetings with Jerry, so we observed him while he ate. At about this time, the boy approached. Though Jerry appeared engrossed in his food, he immediately scooted off into the bushes and stayed absolutely still upon hearing the boy. That indicated to us he has had unpleasant experiences with children.


That night we went out again. A couple was feeding him and told us he’s been there at least 2 months, and they also said he’s always sitting in the same spot. He appeared with a bloody forelimb but would not allow anyone to treat it. We also related Jerry’s behaviour of running into the bush that morning. The couple told us they would sometimes observe from the corridor of their flat on a higher floor, and catch schoolkids trying to bully Jerry. As soon as they shout, the cowardly beasts would run off.


Now his contrarian behaviours of trust and wariness made sense.


The next morning, we tried to get a good look at the wound he was supposed to have. Though it has healed, the bigger mystery is that it was a surgical site. He kept squirming, so I took a vid instead to get a clear look at it.

Vid: Surgical site. Wound looks clean but thread still intact.

Since the couple confirmed that they had been feeding him every single night since he appeared, and that they had not sent him for treatment, Jerry must have appeared with the surgical wound already on him.

What happened to Jerry? How was his life like? Why was he treated and then abandoned to fend for himself, with a bleeding surgical wound?

We will never know what happened to this sweet boy before he appeared in Area2. However, we do know he will need to go to the vet’s, to have the surgical site checked. Also, the surgical thread was probably non-dissolvable, which means it has to be removed as well. And since he was sterilised, we want to get his ear tipped, so that if there are complaints in the area, the TC would hopefully call us rather than activate pest control.

The plan was for Jerry to go to the vet’s together with Brina’s family. Meantime, we hoped he and Brina would stay away from each other as they were on opposite sides of the same block, living cheek by jowl in homeless kitty terms. We wouldn’t want either him nor Brina and her brood to sustain injuries or be driven away. But we needn’t have worried. Brina and Jerry knew and tolerated each other. In fact, Jerry often shared his bush home with her babies. Brayden especially, seemed to like chilling with Uncle Jerry.

On that fateful night, we found Brina’s family but Jerry was not home for the first time. As soon as Brina and her kittens were secured, btmao went looking for Jerry and found him in Benji’s territory. The auntie who lived there helped to lure him back (with Benji tagging along).

Given Jerry’s trusting nature, we thought it would be a simple matter to push him into a carrier. So while V was busy with getting Brielle, we got a carrier from his van and started pushing Jerry in. Surprisingly, he resisted frantically and ran a little away. We tried 2 more times and decided to get V.

Though he was obviously affected and didn’t want to be near the carrier, Jerry kept accepting head scritches from the auntie, So while he was preoccupied, V managed to push him into a carrier. Jerry cried and desperately tried to get out. This was the first time we hear him vocalise beyond his usual (and rare) single meow greeting. He had a coarse small voice. But he was crying at the top of it. Obviously, the carrier evoked unpleasant memories for him.

Like Brina’s family, Jerry was back on Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Happy to be home

The vet had removed the surgical stitches (which were indeed non-dissolvable), confirmed he was already sterilised and tipped his ear. The surgical site was deemed to be healed and ok, needing no further follow-up. We were relieved.
Jerry’s tip… on the right ear.

The next morning, Chinese New Year’s Day, we went out to check on Brina’s family and Jerry.

Jerry doing well, his newly tipped ear a stylish statement.

His appetite and his affection unaffected by his ordeal

Jerry’s sides are full, and this was not unexpected, since he’s getting quite a few meals everyday it seems.

We will continue to feed him better food, if only to give him some measure of nutrition against the supermarket brands he’s being fed now.

On the evening of 27th Jan, the second night of the new year, we met D who was out walking her nine-year old dog, Browny, with her husband. We got to talking and discovered Browny and Jerry are friends – Jerry nose-kisses Browny and doesn’t always recognise D and her husband if Browny is not with them.

D doesn’t feed Jerry but brings along treats. As she and her husband are dog people who had no prior experience with cats, the first time Jerry came running to them, they thought he was attacking. As time went by, they realised all he wanted was some attention. It was nice and very tolerant of them to let Jerry be though he scared them initally, given the general intolerance of residents in Area2.

Jerry’s friendliness with dogs and his tolerance of Brina and her kittens indicated he may have come from a multi-cat and dog environment. It also got us worried for his safety since there are dog packs in the area, in addition to his tendency to do running approaches at people.

We don’t know who dumped Jerry nor why, but if we can, we will find him a new home… as soon as we can get him into foster care. Unfortunately, Foster Mum’s is full now. We’ll wait and hope.

[EDIT 20090130] Jerry needs a home urgently


6 responses to “Area2: Jerry Geriatric

  1. Oh my, my heart goes out to Jerry! Hope he finds a good home soon.

  2. Such a nice kitty! 🙂

  3. Thanks for looking out for this guy! I love that photo where he’s raising his paw for you. I’d take him home in a second if I lived in Singapore!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for wishing Jerry well. Things seem to be gaining urgency, with the info D, Browny’s mum just provided… am at quite a loss what to do about it. 😐

    I can imagine Jerry as a member of your brood – Spot, Not Spot, Max.. Not Max 😉

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