Jerry needs a home urgently

This email just came in at 10:01pm. Thanks to D, who is mum to Browny, Jerry‘s doggy pal, this confirms Jerry is totally oblivious to the potential danger dogs are to cats, and especially to him. He needs a home so he can be safe from harm. But with Foster Mum’s full now, we have nowhere else to foster him. Any one able to help? We’ll pay for his expenses of course.

Jerry and the stray doggie

Hi calsifer,

This is D, Browny’s owner. We met at blk XXX with Jerry few days back.

Just wondering are you going to find a foster home for Jerry? Today’s encounter made me very worried over him.

I was doing my daily visit to Jerry tonight. While patting him at Blk YYY, he suddenly walk very fast towards the lift lobby. I followed and to my surpirse, saw a black stray dog finding food at the dustin.

I tried to lure him away…but Jerry refused to go. At last, I have to carry him back to Blk XXX which I think is further away from the dog.

I am worried as Jerry seems to be curious/friendly towards dog. I am not sure what will be the reaction of that dog if he sees Jerry. The dog might be friendly too, but I don’t wish to take the risk.

Jerry was not like other kittens that know when and how to hide well into the drain. Jerry is not suitbale to stay outdoor. He needs a home badly.

I really hope you can find a home , if not at least a foster home for Jerry.


D =)

Jerry is every dog’s best friend… it’s just not certain if the dog feels the same way


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