Omi may be converting to an Area1 semi-pet cat. She needs a safer home

This Saturday past, we met up with A, whom we first met during Brina’s family trapping.


Omi, whom we’ve not met since that November encounter, seemed to have been kept as a homepet in her early days, then abandoned, and lured home by Saba‘s family, where A met her.

Omi was allowed to free-range, as usual, and had gotten lost due to her affinity for people and following them like a puppy. The family, in my opinion, exploited A’s kindness and asked her to help them locate and return Omi. A really did find her across 2 roads, about 100-150 metres away. She called to Omi who did follow her back to Saba’s family, in a meandering and time-consuming fashion according to A, and promptly got lost again. The family has unshamedly asked A to help them find Omi again.

We do not know exactly when this occurred, but in mid-January, the same night we met Bradley again after a 2-week interval, I saw a black cat with a fluffy tail walking out of Ian’s home in Area1 from afar. The cat disappeared around the block before I could catch up with it. However, the cat seemed to be about the same size and shape as Omi. Given this new info from A, we’re almost certain it is Omi.

The only bit of good news out of it all is that she does seemed to be sterilised as even A has never seen her pregnant before.

Poor girl, she ought to be in a home, given her penchant for following people! Anyone willing to take this very loving black female cat if we can locate her?


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