Appeals: Pawpledge’s Project CCK (Choa Chu Kang) – the inspiration for it

Remember this appeal on pawledge we posted on 28 Jan 09?

Please read this, the reason for pawpledge’s Project CCK

Mother cat with 8 cm cut on abdomen

Mother cat with 8 cm cut on abdomen

Suffering at the highest degree…

I don’t know what to say but is vastly saddened by the recent Choa Chu Kang case where this tri-color calico cat was cut open. She was still alive when the caregiver found it, bleeding on the void deck. Her intestines were spilling out but the fighter was still clinging on to dear life. SPCA was notified and she was put down after the painful ordeal. Why does a poor innocent animal have to go through so much pain? And what dysfunction does one go through to bear dishing out so much suffering to a helpless animal? You can look at the SPCA appeal flyer for more information. (

I can’t stop re-iterating the importance of STERILISATION (TNRM). Sterilisation helps reduce unwanted kittens, pregnant females, territorial behaviour in male cats, cat fights, mating calls, etc etc….everything that sickens and irritates people who don’t like cats / stray animals. Hopefully with less kittens, there’ll be less abuse.

SAYING is not enough, DOING is louder than words. PawPledge is committed to sterilising the cats at Choa Chu Kang. We hope that you will help us as much as you can. We will publish “Project CCK” update on our website for transparency purpose.

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