Brielle’s on her way to mojo freedom

So the one who got away the last time was trapped at about 9.30pm, once again by V.

A and J were also there to help and lend moral support. It was a good operation as Brielle walked into the trap herself, thus saving herself some stress. As her sibs cooperated and stayed away while she mosseyed around and tip-toed everywhere but into the trap for the better part of 20 mins, they were also spared the trauma by association.

As with her family’s trapping, this operation brought us some good cheer. It so happened that a resident in one of the ground floor units came up to watch us standing around waiting on Brielle. He, as it turned out, was a residents’ committee (RC) member of Area2 and supportive of TNRM. He even offered his contact number should we encounter issues with feeding or trapping in future, and promised to let us know if anyone complains about cats.

Another nice encounter was a lady carrying a large donut package, who was passing through. She obligingly stopped and waited along with us when she noticed us milling humans, the trap and the scaredy Brielle. She also considerately spoke in whispers with us. Usually, passers-by don’t miss a beat and continue on through, oblivious to the situation.

After Brielle was secured, we went on to try for Bradley, but unfortunately, it was still not meant to be, after 2 previous abortive attempts.

The known Area2 at-large list: Robby, Bradley, Branden, Sarsi and her babies, Saba and her babies, Twinkie


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