TODAY 20090205: Response to AVA’s template response

Public response to AVA’s expectedly template non-response to Today 20090120: The outspoken doc

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Humans, let’s think humanely

02:18 PM February 5, 2009

Letter from Phyllis Lenghwee Tan

To control the stray cat population, a humane and effective way that is recognised internationally, is through sterilisation.

In any town or city, a plan must be drawn to implement this movement and the authority in charge – ie, the government – must take the lead and be committed to implement the steps in a swift and active manner. Its effectiveness will not be seen if this is left to the few numbered individual caregivers/volunteers as they are restricted by their own resources such as time and money.

More daunting is the fact that the AVA and pest control companies have culled cats (due to complaints from the ignorants and the intolerants) that have previously been sterilised by these caregivers, making hollow the volunteers’ efforts.

Some, like myself, are advocates for sterilisation. Others just want to send these cats for euthanasia. At the end of the day, we have a common objective – we do not want stray cats roaming and wandering on the streets. These stray cats did not choose to be on the streets scavenging for food or constantly running and hiding for a safe place. We placed them out there, letting them to breed. We have created the problem.

We do have a choice – to solve this humanely or not. The cats don’t have that choice.


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