Area2: Saba, Scottie, Sumie

Follow-up to the juicy gossip, updates provided by A on 5 Feb:


It has been barely a week since she brought her babies in from the cold. She and her babies were installed outside the family’s flat, as expected, and her litter of 5 cuties are all MIA already. We had just heard her calling for her babies right outside the flat. just before we sighted and took this picture of her. According to A, the kittens defecated at will, often right on the doorstep of the family’s neighbours, a Chinese family which seems to have tolerated the noise and mess so far. But it can only be a matter of time before something happens.

We have worked out a plan with A to get Saba sterilised. Meantime, we will provide A with some of our Wellness canned food to help Saba recuperate, as she is forever ravenous and frequently begs A for food. We also suspect Saba may need to be dewormed, but will wait for a while more to do so as we do not want to risk her kittens’ health should they be still around.


Before Saba appeared, we were saying “Hi” to Scottie. He does not behave like a cat who might have learnt his lesson, approaching us immediately.

Scottie still none the wiser

Scottie’s abuse was suffered at the hands of a bunch of Malay girls who were smoking at the benches nearby. Instead of knife cuts as was previously believed, his tail had been burned with cigarette lighters.

Scottie has the softest fur of any cat I’ve known. His fur is longer than his short-haired look leads one to assume. In fact, the closest comparison, both look and feel, is chincilla fur.

His tail, from the top, looks ok now. Despite being abused just weeks ago, and the family’s protestations of care and concern, especially to A, we consistently find him still alone, and unsupervised, often right by the spot where his abuse took place.

Later, Sumie also appeared, patiently waiting for succour from A

Nobody in their minds would think it ok to allow young children out of the home, roaming about unsupervised nor that they beg for food from the neighbours regularly. So it should be with pets, especially in Singapore, and even more so in HDB estates. And yet, here is a family who professes love, L.O.V.E., for the cats they have lured to their flat with the food they keep leaving out or otherwise kitnapped, wilfully allowing all these to continue happening despite events that ought to have taught them better.

On a related note. I may have sounded scornful, begrudging the family’s 2 wall-mounted large LCD TVs, expensive looking wall-mounted sound systems, and Hari Raya renovations. It is not judgmentalism with which we view the state of their spanking new palatial home furnishings. Everyone is entitled to aspire to newer, more or better. In fact, we are also getting our first LCD tv, a replacement for our aging 8 year old Sony Trinition, an old style cathode ray tv you will not find easily anymore.

My issue and frustration is not whether the family is able to afford their new possessions, nor do I care if they’re paying in installments (like we are) or cleared it all in full. The bigger gripe we have is that such possessions take some planning and budgetting to obtain or put in place. Still, it isn’t rocket science. Even simpler and cheaper is planning and budgetting for a cat’s sterilisation, 1 cat. And yet, the family has consistently failed to do what’s in Saba’s best interest for the past 15 or 16 months, despite their promise to us initially and now A, allowing Saba to birth 3 more litters, and everytime the excuse is she’s already pregnant, need to wait for her to give birth, need to wait for her to wean her kittens, can’t find her, no money on hand at the moment, need to wait for husband to have time to send her, she’s already pregnant …

What’s even more infuriating is that they have sent a later addition for sterilisation promptly, totally DIY with no one’s help at that, and at the rather high cost of $100 or more at a “specialist” which required a follow-up one week later. So they are being cavalier with Saba’s sterilisation, probably because she’s not anything ‘special’ like their white cat with a fluffy tail.


4 responses to “Area2: Saba, Scottie, Sumie

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  2. I know the type, smooth-talkers. They only have their mouths to talk with, but no action. I won’t be surprised if their goods were bought under installment. This behaviour would be pretty consistent with their attitude towards Saba and Scottie – they want the fun but not the responsibility. Enjoy first and not worry about trouble.

    Somehow, my mind cannot fathom how people can be so irresponsible. OK I better stop before I go out of line.

  3. Ditto. It’s not like they don’t get it!

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