Stanley’s got a bad case of the sniffles

We still have yet to sight Stanley since he got back.

However, A has sighted him a few times, and reported that he’s got the sniffles, which seemed to be getting worse every succeeding time – his third-eyelids were clearly seen in her last sighting on 4 Feb. Stanley also seemed to trust A a lot more than he does us, as she said that he will eat in her presence.

So we met her on 5 Feb to pass her some supplements which she can feed him in wet food mush when she sees him. We are not arranging for him to see the vet as he does not appear regularly nor in the same spot, which makes it difficult to get him. Also, his bout of flu is probably brought on by stress from his de-mojo adventure, and we do not want to stress him further. Plus, he is quite the feral one, and it seemed the best course of action to leave him to fight his illness as far as possible. We hope the supplements help him.


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