Farewell, Remy


Yesterday, around noon, Remy the one-eyed old boy, aka Toby, breathed his last, with his parents, Shirlena and Gary, by his side.

Gently to sleep

Remy’s health had been slowly declining since the middle of last year. This was probably due to FIV, which he tested positive for in a second test his parents ordered.

His downward spiral started with oral health problems, which resulted in extraction of most of his worn-out grinders. Since then, he had been on soft food, usually home-cooked meat dishes. His favourite, and later the only thing he would eat without prompting, was peeled boiled prawns, which he had also favoured in foster care. Then his kidneys also started deteriorating.

During the past year, the old boy’s health slowly gave way. He had been boarded at the vet for some days now, severely emaciated, on drip and with very high cretin readings, when on Thursday night, he vomitted blood. The vet had said there was nothing else that can be done for him.

Ultimately, it was the quality of life that mattered. So yesterday Shirlena and Gary made the difficult decision and sent Remy on his way because to keep him lingering on would be no kindness to him.

Remy, hale and healthy

It seemed like it was only yesterday when Shirlena and Gary fetched Remy home to join their brood of 4, renamed Toby.

When we heard the first good news that he was settling in, after a year or so of problems, we shouted for joy.


It had been a long long road to a new home for the poor old boy, his parents and his family. But it still feels like he has barely begun to live again before he bade his final goodnight.


Remy took his time to settle down and has given his parents more than their fair share of headaches.


Still, we know Shirlena and Gary will remember him with fondness, even though he started life with them on the wrong paw, and at the beginning seemed determined to test (and break) the limits of their patience and forbearance.

At the beginning, Remy shuffled stubbornly to his own old beat, but he was lucky that Shirlena and Gary were such patient parents, able to see beyond his monstrous antics, quite unlike many people who won’t see past the physical.

Settled in and comfy, the old boy enjoyed his home life as he deserved and should have had for a few more years, in our opinion. But at least he did get a second chance, thanks to Shirlena and Gary.

We were glad on his behalf, and still are, for Shirlena and Gary’s kindness in opening their home and hearts to this old boy.

Memories, Sep 2007: btmao giving the polite one the headscritches he loved so much

It’s the end of the road, and there is really not much else to say but “Farewell” to Remy, and to tell Shirlena and Gary: We are sad that Toby is gone so soon. You have done your best for him. Thank you and please take care.

Take care, and have a safe journey


4 responses to “Farewell, Remy

  1. Oh, so sad.

  2. Goodbye Remy, and thanks to parents Shirlena and Gary for giving Remy his last chance at a loving family life.

  3. Slim and Crisco's Mom

    Good Nite, Remy. Sleep tight. You brought out the best in people. Your family loved you for who you were and that’s what everyone deserves. By this example you taught them and they showed. Thanks & smoochies… b