Choa Chu Kang: Cat Killing Fields

First there was Bedok South, then Old Airport Road, followed by Jurong East, and Pasir Ris. Choa Chu Kang now joins the club of the Singapore Cat Killing Fields (excluding AVA and SPCA).

Picture of our Cute Ginger Kitten before it met its fate

This kitten, less than 2 months old, went from being alive and cutesy on 20 or 21 Feb 09 to this…
The remains of the Ginger Kitten on that fateful day

One has to wonder: What is left of Humanity?

This poor little kitten, along with 3 others (2 still alive according to this new paper report), probably its litter-mates were frequent wanderers of the upper levels of Blk 550 Choa Chu Kang St 52. This might lead some to question, more loudly than ever: do cats belong in our HDB estates? The answer? YES! With the caveats in place.


9 responses to “Choa Chu Kang: Cat Killing Fields

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  3. you deserve to die like your “poor kitten”, in hell with cats and cat-lovers

    • What whittle beast666 whas amatter little fella?
      It’ll be ok. you just need a hug.

      i just love it when a big ole fella talks all tough about cats.
      just makes me realize what a BIG man he really is HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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  5. My first thought?

    It was probably butchered for it’s meat.
    Eating cat’s meat may be socially acceptable in some parts of the East, but when done in such a brutal fashion, clearly indicates a very sick and deranged individual.

  6. What kind of sicko does this is it soooo inhumane they deserve to burn in hell for eternity at infinity degrees higher then everyone else

  7. 😦 should have put a warning about the picture. i did NOT want to see that.

  8. Anyone who harms a cat or dog will have to settle with me!