Proposition: Blog for sharing or new ownership

When tec first started, we called it pns and had it hosted on blogspot. It got too spreadout for its own good since we, ok I calsifer-minion, crammed everything on it like the self-respecting annal retentive obssessive compulsive that I am.

Since we moved to wordpress, I had the bright idea to carve out the animal cruelty cases I had been compiling for reference, which was inspired by So was born Casefile: Singapore Animal Cruelty. However, I have not been able to begin the work of moving the cases over, much less keep current of development in the killing fields. So I am looking to relinquish control or share the blog with someone willing to maintain it and allow the cases I’ve compiled to be housed on it. I’ve even thought up a “filing” system for the cases. All I ask is that the person who takes over or co-share it apply some due diligence and keep it fairly current since I am obviously not able to cope myself. If interested, please email me at sephycat at gmail dot com, with “SAC blog” in the title, thanks.


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