The Homeless Singapore Cat’s Life: Smalley in the Hedge

This is a lovely, easy to understand and true depiction of the typical life of a homeless cat in Singapore. Through the story of Smalley, it paints the life of the community cats in our midst in 6 simple pictorial pages. Practically every aspect of the conundrum is touched on.

Please go direct to the myanimalfamily blog to read Smalley’s story. Please consider supporting the animalfamily project for Singapore’s homeless cats:

This illustrated story is written about a street cat for the benefit of all street cats. If you like the story, please donate SGD 5 to the cause.

Things are a’brewing, maybe a silly little story can change the world.”

myanimalfamily (top right corner of the blog)

Thank you to the woman of myanimalfamily for such a succinct and yet vibrant masterpiece. For all the Smalleys in Singapore!

[EDIT: Please see this. A lovely and absolutely accurate version of Smalley’s story, by someone on the opposite side of the globe, no less.]


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