Area1: Crying

Earlier this evening, our mum told us she heard a cat crying loudly downstairs this morning while resting in the living room. Considering we live on the 9th floor, that is very loud indeed.

She panicked, wondering if one of the slackers might have slipped out and got lost. This is because our dad had just left, and Bam Bam had gotten lost before.

She made sure all the slackers were accounted for, then hurried downstairs but could not find the source of the cries. She said it sounded very pitiful like it was lost. I asked her did it sound like Brenda when she first appeared, and she said yes. So I went downstairs and checked out Area1, hoping to see the source of the cries, that it would not be a new abandonee.

It seems like it was a sign, for who should I sight but Brenda. Was she the source of the cries? She’s always been more interested in human company than food, so I can’t help but feel she’s still looking for a home. Any takers? She’s a lovely agouti tabby with mittens.

While she has toned down on her tendency to follow the first person she sees since she first appeared, and sometimes will even shy away when approached (probably due to being shooed by annoyed peoeple or maybe frightened by bullies), she is still too trusting to be a career community cat we feel.

I have not seen Brenda since 14 Feb, and have been worried about her. While it was good to see tonight looking well, we still hope we can get her into foster care and start looking for a home for her too. Meanwhile, it will continue to be a fretful time.

Here are some pictures taken the last time we saw her in daylight.



Her tail looks like it was chopped off, but we can’t be sure that she wasn’t born this way.


She’s very vocal, and she always seem to be asking “Can I go home with you?”


3 responses to “Area1: Crying

  1. also taken to running downstairs at the hint of any cat cries, paranoid that they will attract complaints. glad you found brenda.

    great letter in voices, by the way!

  2. The tail looks like one of my home cats, Mini, whose tail was chopped off as the stump was still raw when I first saw her at the car park.

  3. animalyfamily,
    yeah, even in the middle of night… why oh why

    For Brenda, there was no rawness in the tail from the beginning so we’ll probably never know.